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While cost savings were the primary reason companies outsourcing software development to offshore in the early 1990′s, in recent years priorities have been changing.

  • Timely access to highly qualified technical talent,
  • faster time to market and accelerated delivery,
  • ability to significantly expand the organization’s software development capacity at minimal costs,
  • opportunity to accelerate the improvement in their own software process and
  • quality capabilities by working with world-class offshore companies, and
  • reduction in the risk of cost overruns and late projects

are frequently cited by customers ahead of cost savings.

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corporate America becomes increasingly comfortable with offshore development, it’s sending substantially more sophisticated IT work overseas. Companies such as Google Inc. are turning to foreign workers not for their willingness to work for lower wages but for their technological prowess.

Offshore outsourcing as a business phenomenon exploded in the late 1990s. The lure of low-cost overseas facilities and labor drove a massive cost-cutting revolution and more and more pieces of the enterprise shifted outside the US.
Despite concerns about quality, cultural barriers and hidden expenses, companies are giving offshore outsourcing high marks, according to a recent study.

If may want to look at the software sample proposals if decide to outsource the work.

Offshore development advisory services often concentrate on the procedural mechanics of offshore development such as selecting a country, selecting a provider, drawing up appropriate legal documents, monitoring, benchmarking performance, etc. These steps are important and necessary steps in offshore development but by themselves are not enough to guarantee that it is successful. So what will make offshore software development successful?An InformationWeek survey finds that U.S. IT executives are planning more offshore outsourcing in the coming year; yet savings may fall as Indian wages are forced up by competition. By Thomas Claburn.Offshore Outsourcing: Business Boon or Bust?

By Susan Marks
December 31, 2003
Jobs are being lost, but the numbers are overblown, said Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America. People also fail to consider the impending shortage of high-skill workers in the United States as baby boomers reach retirement age, he added.

By Karen Guglielmo, Site Editor 31 Dec 2003 | Two things are for sure in 2004: companies will outsource and CIOs will move up the corporate ladder and into the boardroom.

Offshore outsourcing IT: Debate to rage again in 2004
Controversy about offshore outsourcing, however, is likely to generate even more headlines in 2004, since corporate plans to increase outsourcing coincide with an increasing number of offshore outsourcers entering the global market. IT job descriptions

AFTER being in operation for over 4 years in Mumbai, e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a high growth offshore software development company has shifted its offshore development center (ODC) to its new development facility in Pune.”

Economist: Offshore IT Outsourcing Should Boost U.S. Economy
Deloitte Consulting’s Carl Steidtmann says shipping IT work overseas will ultimately lead to more higher-paying jobs in the United States. Resume Template

Offshoring: Is it a win-win game? (Source: McKinsey Global Institute)
Many businesses have turned to offshoring as a way to boost profits while many politicians see the gain only at the unacceptable cost of American jobs. MGI’s latest research and analysis offer a new perspective: offshoring is as beneficial to the U.S. as it is to the destination country, probably more so. ”

To Outsource or Not To Outsource?

To Outsource or Not To Outsource?
By Lynn Ward
E-Commerce Times
June 17, 2003
An added benefit of outsourcing is that because of time zone differences, workers in India can function as a second shift, handling many of the demands that arise during U.S. off-hours.

Most CIOs at some point have asked: Should I outsource this IT project? The answer can be surprisingly complex, depending on the reasons for considering such a move.

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